Rapeseed Oil Production Line
Rapeseed Oil Production Line
Rapeseed Oil Production Line

Rapeseed Oil Production Line

Rapeseed oil makes large proportion of edible oil market.It has high content of linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E and other nutritional ingredients which is effectively in Soften blood vessels and anti-aging effects。 For rapeseed and canola applications, our company provides complete preparation systems for pre-pressing and full pressing.


1.Rapeseed Pretreatment

(1) To reduce wear and tear on the follow-up equipment, improve environmental quality workshop;

(2) Improve equipment production, improve oil yield, to ensure maximum quality fat, meal and byproducts;

(3) The lowest rate of fuel crushing, destructive for protein meals minimum.

2. Rapeseed Oil Extraction

The pre-pressed cake or flake, firstly enter into the sealed scraper blade to avoid the solvent gas escaping because of the section without screw blade in the sealed auger. Rapeseed seeds enter into the box-chained loop type extractor counter-currenting with the solvent, the grease is extracted. Miscella condensity increase from 2% to more than 25%. Miscella discharged from extractor and into miscella filter, then the leached meal in the miscella tank enter into evaporation system through 1st evaporation feed pump and finally drop-in DTDC out from wet meal drag conveyor.

3.Rapeseed Oil Refining Processes

De-mixed,degumming, dehydration, deacidification, decolorzation, dewaxing  and deodorization.

(1) Degumming :Usded to neutrilizing ,and water washing,to rid off the acid .

(2) Deodorization:Used to rid off the fetid smell/odour of oil by steam understand of high temperature.

(3) Soap feet vessel:Used to refine the oil sediment from oil refining,to get some oil from oil sediment .

(4) Hot & Alkali water tank:Used to produce hot water heated by the steams ,also alkali water from the alkali dis-voling tank,for adding into the oil refining.

(5) Alkali dis-voling tank :Used to produce the alkali water .

(6) Steam separator:Separating the steam to oil refiner,de-colorer,deodorizer,hot water tank,etc.

(7) Decoloring vessel:Used to rid off the color of the oil

(8) Clay tank:Store the medication decolored for the clay tank.

(9) Transfer hot oil furance:Contact to the deodorizer part , producing high temperature (280 degrees orso) for  deodorization.

(10) Gear pump:Pump oil into kinds of vessel and tank.

(11) Water pump:Pump cool water into water tank.

(12) Transfer hot oil pump:Pump hot oil into transfer oil furance.

(13) Cooling water tower:Cool water for cooling oil ,recycling using.

(14) Dewaxing /winterization / fractiona